Alerus Center Seating Chart

With a seating capacity of over 21,000, The Alerus Center is one of the largest arenas not just in Football, but also amongst all music venues in the city! In addition to the seating capacity, the standing room creates an extraordinarily spacious environment to enjoy your favorite shows. 

Accessible Seating

The Alerus Center here in Great Forks, North Dakota is pleased to say that they provide full-access wheelchair seating throughout the arena, each and every one providing perfect sightlines to the staging area. Please note that The Alerus Center does reserve the right to remove and take any appropriate legal action against any and all individuals gaining access to areas where not required.

Additional Information

For any additional information during your visit, please contact the event staff or visit the closes services center located throughout the venue.

If you would like more information before you book, please contact The Alerus Center directly.

NOTE: Depending on type of event the seating chart above may be subject to change. Always double check the seating chart for the specific event when selecting your tickets.

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