Zach Bryan, Matt Maeson & Levi Turner at Alerus Center

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Alerus Center | Grand Forks, North Dakota

Zach Bryan

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary musical experience! Join us at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks, ND on Sunday 25th August 2024 for a one-of-a-kind Country concert featuring Zach Bryan, Matt Maeson and Levi Turner.

Zach Bryan has captured hearts with hits like "Something in the Orange" and "Heading South". His meteoric rise in the country scene is nothing short of incredible. Supporting him, Matt Maeson, popular for his hit song "Hallucinogenics", brings a individual style that's captivated audiences around the globe. Levi Turner, a promising up-and-comer, is set to blow you away with his fresh tunes.

A concert that no country music fan will wanna miss, priced starting at $204. Space is limited and tickets are selling fast.

Grab your tickets now and bask in the perfect evening amongst country music legends. Click the "buy tickets" button today!

The Quittin Time Tour 2024

Are you ready for an extraordinary evening on Sunday, 25th August 2024? Zach Bryan, Matt Maeson and Levi Turner take the stage at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota. The Quittin Time Tour guarantees an engaging vibe with the mighty performances of these acclaimed country music superstars.Expect a evening loaded with stirring songs, heartfelt lyrics and a sense of community as fans gather to celebrate the beauty of country music. The combination of Zach Bryan’s brute passion, Matt Maeson’s distinctive voice and Levi Turner's budding talent ensures the perfect country music tour experience!! Bryan has added 19 new shows to his tour schedule due to its insane popular demand!

Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan, the American singer-songwriter, is leading The Quittin Time Tour. Discharged honourably from the military in 2021, Bryan’s career has seen a meteoric rise. He was signed to Warner Records the same year and has since become a country sensation. Zach has a red dirt country style that has captivated audiences throughout America. His recent album, featuring hit songs that have topped various charts and now you can experience them LIVE!

Matt Maeson

Supporting Bryan is Matt Maeson, whose unique blend of indie rock and folk has earned him a dedicated fanbase. Maeson has made perfect waves with his hit singles "Cringe" and "Hallucinogenics", both of which have topped the charts. His heartfelt lyrics and emotive delivery have earned huge popularity and a growing list of awards.

Levi Turner

Levi Turner, the rising star, completes this one-of-a-kind lineup. With his distinctive voice and promising talent, Turner is carving out a place for himself in the music world. popular for his authentic storytelling, Turner's songs reverberate deeply with listeners.

Alerus Center Information

The Alerus Center, located in Grand Forks, North Dakota, is an ideal venue for holding this grand event. "With a seating capacity to accommodate large audiences, the center has a long history of delivering incredible concerts. As a versatile indoor arena, it offers a range of features to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all patrons. Contact the venue directly for any specific information.

Ticket Information

Tickets for this highly anticipated event start from $204. Secure your tickets now through the trusted platform, "Ticket Squeeze", by clicking the "buy tickets" button. Ensure you have your spot secured for what guarantees to be one of the country music concert highlights of 2024.

Zach Bryan at Alerus Center

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